CANNALATOR is the ONLY cannabis 'calculator' that provides six simultaneous values for you to view and up to a total of 14 values!

CANNALATOR not only provides you with the total milligram amount of THC/CBD in your plant material; it also provides the infusion outcome of six elements to cook or bake with!

When infusing cannabis into butter or oil, the end product will be different due to the fat content within each. The level of fat determines the amount of cannabinoid that is actually infused into your cooking medium. Therefore, you must account for the infusion percentage to accurately dose your edible to the desired amount.

This is where CANNALATOR HELPS YOU! CANNALATOR provides you with the infusion percentages automatically! You need only to provide the weight of plant material in grams or ounces and the percentage of THC or CBD. In an instant, you will be provided with three values. The moment you tell CANNALATOR how many servings your recipe calls for, three additional values are provided for a total of six values and all without using the command of an equal sign!

CANNALATOR is designed to take all the guesswork from you and provides you with the most accurate direction to select the best substance with which to infuse your cannabis. CANNALATOR comes equipped with a THCa to THC decarboxylation converter, known as the Decarbalator. This is one more extra feature CANNALATOR provides to remove the guesswork and let you medicate with precision!

The above video is how CANNALATOR works!     
For a serving of 12-100 MG using: 
7  grams of flower, THCa 23.78% & THC 0.96%