Material List

Reference Test Results of Cannabis

CANNALATE Your Infusion

Weigh Cannabis

Measure Butter/Oil

Combine In Jar

Place In Water

Strain Cannabis


When infusing cannabis with butter or oil, there are two important things to keep in mind: time and temperature. If either of these two factors is compromised, the final product will be as well.

Why time is so important? You can't combine cannabis with butter or oil and expect it to fully infuse in ten minutes. It takes time and patience. The longer it infuses, the better it will be. The appropriate time to allow a good infusion is 90-120 minutes.

It is also important to maintain the water at a simmer/low boiling temperature, 190°F-210°F. It is advised keep warm water on standby to replenish any water that evaporates. NEVER allow the water to evaporate below the level of cannabis mixture. The infused mixture must be warm enough to proper infuse the cannabinoids into the fat content of the substance. Therefore, your time of 90-120 minutes is only valid during the time the water is simmering.

To begin, you will need a:

Mason jar;
Brown coffee filter or cheesecloth;
Container of your choice for the infused product; and,
Decarboxylated Cannabis, ground.

Follow these steps to infuse cannabis into butter or oil:

  1. Use the CANNALATOR app and determine which element is best to infuse with your cannabis based on its infusion percentage.
  2. Fill a stockpot halfway with water and heat to the boiling point.
  3. Measure the amount of butter or oil and place it into your mason jar (when using butter, it is best to first melt the butter in a microwave);
  4. Weigh the amount of decarboxylated cannabis indicated by CANNALATOR to accurately dose your infusion;
  5. Place cannabis into the mason jar with the butter or oil;
  6. Put the lid on the mason jar and place it into the pot of simmering water
  7. Keep the mason jar in boiling water for a minimum of 90 minutes, gently agitating the mixture every 15-20 minutes ensuring the water level is maintained using hot tap water during this step (don't be concerned if the water temperature drops a few degrees but, if the water stops simmering, pause the timer until it rises);
  8. Remove the mason jar from the stockpot and let cool;
  9. Once cooled, use a strainer lined with cheesecloth or a BROWN coffee filter to gently strain the cannabis mixture into the storage container (pressing with force will allow the chlorophyl to pass into the end product, producing a green color);
  10. Transfer infused oil to storage container of your choice.

You are now ready to cook or bake with cannabis-infused butter or oil!

Note: if you infuse with butter, place the container in the refrigerator until solid.